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Exosome Isolation Kits

A high-efficient exosome isolation equipment will help quite a bit for each exosome researchers. Excessive purity, excessive yield, and simple operation make it an awesome analysis device.

As we all know, exosomes are small membrane vesicles (30–150 nm) of endocytic origin, that are shed by all cell varieties underneath normal- and patho-physiological circumstances. Exosomes have pleiotropic physiological and pathological features and play vital roles in numerous pathological circumstances reminiscent of most cancers, infectious and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Exosomes have acquired vital consideration for his or her roles in pathobiological processes and are being explored as a device for illness prognosis and administration. Consequently, varied isolation strategies primarily based on completely different ideas have been developed for exosome isolation reminiscent of differential ultracentrifugation, density gradient ultracentrifugation, ultracentrifugation, chromatography, magnetic bead immunoassay, polypolymer precipitation methodology, and so on. Nevertheless, the fast and simple operation of exosome isolation kits is irreplaceable.


Exosome Isolation Kits purify exosome by affinity purification. Excessive Purity exosomes and different Evs (Extracellular vesicles) from the cell tradition medium and physique fluid (excessive yield by regular microfiltration) will be simply obtained by this methodology.

Magazine-Bind Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Equipment Genomic DNA Isolation From Blood and Tissue

The Magazine-Bind Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Equipment is designed for isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from blood samples, saliva, swabs, mouse tails, dried blood spots or cultured cells. Magazine-Bind Particles HDQ offers fast magnetic response time lowering total processing time. This technique combines the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of Magazine-Bind paramagnetic particles with Omega Bio-tek’s tissue and blood DNA isolation techniques.

Using paramagnetic particles offers high-quality DNA that’s appropriate for direct use in most downstream purposes reminiscent of Subsequent Technology Sequencing, qPCR, PCR, and microarrays. The Magazine-Bind Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Equipment will be scaled as much as course of 1 mL complete blood samples.

pure exo exosome isolation kit
pure exo exosome isolation equipment


Producer 101Bio
Key Options
  • Simple to make use of: No ultra-centrifugation (< 2 hours)
  • 10 fold increased yield (vs. different kits and ultracentrifuge)
  • Save value (vs. antibodies-beads methodology)
  • Isolate Pure exosome (>95%)
  • Intact exosome (good morphology)
  • Use as little as 2 mL cell media to attain excessive yield of exosomes for any downstream purposes: EM examine, exosome label, exosome subpopulation, qRT-PCR profiling of exosomal miRNAs, and gel evaluation of exosomal proteins
Particulars Product Dimension of 10 reactions (2 mL~Four mL medium / response). The yield of every response is 50~200 µL exosome, from which 150~400 µg exosomal protein or 50 ~ 200 ng exosomal RNA will be extracted.
Notes Storage: maintain all bottles upright , in cool and darkish place. Shelf Life: 12 months. As a result of the exosome yield of this equipment is 10 fold increased than all different kits, you can begin with solely 2 mL medium. The utmost medium quantity of every response is Four mL from at most 5 x 105 cells. One PureExo® Column is just for one response. Don’t exceed Four mL medium or 5 x 105 cells to keep away from vague layer separation and column clogging.
Storage Temp Ambient Temperature
Transport Situations Ambient
FAQ 1 Might your equipment isolate/purify bigger exosome-like vesicles as much as 1000 nm in diameter, from tradition medium?
A: No, our equipment can not isolate vesicles greater than 300nm.2, Does your P101 equipment work for plasma?
A: It really works completely for plasma.Three What’s the minimal quantity of serum pattern will be processed by your PureExo equipment (Cat.#: P101)?
A: 50 ul.

Four Which equipment ought to I take advantage of for my urine and plasma samples?
A: Use DiagExo® equipment (Cat.#: P120) to isolate exosome from urine and Use PureExo® equipment for serum (Cat.#: P101) to isolate exosome from serum.

5, Can I take advantage of your equipment to isolate exosome or endothelial microparticles from cultured cells and from plasma?
A: Our P100 equipment can be utilized to isolate exosome from both cell tradition medium or serum. It’s not for cells.

6 Is your exosome prep contaminated with IgG and/or beads?
A: We use particular reagents to seize exosomes. We didn’t use antibody or beads for the isolation. So the ultimate exosome prep is just not contaminated with synthetic IgG or beads.

7, Do your exosome prep accommodates Albumin?
A: Some kinds of cells reminiscent of hepatocytes carries enriched Albumin, and these liver derived exosomes will be launched into the circulation system. So, if the exosomes from these sorts of samples are remoted, it might accommodates Albumin.

8, Can I take advantage of your PureExo equipment (Cat. #P100) on our D.discoideum amoeba?
A: PureExo exosome isolation equipment captures launched exosomes or microvesicles from cells. For amoeba exosome isolation, we advise to gather amoeba tradition medium as the identical technique to gather cell tradition medium.

9, What’s the composition of the buffer that the ultimate exosomes prep can be in? Will it affect my downstream assay?
A: The ultimate remoted exosomes are aggregated nano-particles combined with a really small quantity of authentic tradition medium or serum. PureExo Exosome Isolation equipment offers intact exosomes which permits for a types of downstream purposes together with exosome floor labeling10, How have you learnt that an exosome prep is pure, freed from different membrane-derived microparticles
(shredding vesicles)?
A: The remoted microvesicle from cell tradition medium or serum utilizing our isolation kits confirmed sphere membrane encapsulated particles with the diameters various between 20-200nm underneath EM scanning. These characters assist to find out that the harvested microvesicle are exosomes. Shedding particles are reported to be irregular form with diameter as much as 1000nm. As well as, the scale distribution sample is confirmed by dynamic mild scattering indicating the remoted microvesicles are of diameter between 100 and 250nm.

11, Are exosome functionally lively?
A: Our collaborators used our kits to detect particular mirRNAs carried by exosomes. Luciferase exercise assay
confirmed lively perform of exosomal microRNA after the exosomes have been utilized to cells transfected with focusing on mRNA 3’UTR vector.

12, Is it crucial to make use of glass tubes?
A: Utilizing glass tubes as a substitute of plastic tubes is required in step Three and step 4.
Please discover glass tubes from FisherScientific. (Seek for Fisherbrand* Disposable
Borosilicate Glass Tubes Cat. NO: 14-961-26).

13, Why can’t I see clear fluff center layer?
A: The next dealing with errors might result in the failure:
1). Answer A/B/C didn’t combine utterly earlier than including the cell tradition medium or serum.
2). Didn’t carry out a low velocity centrifugation to take away cells and cell particles.
3). The ratio is off. For instance: 0.125 mL A + 0.125 mL B + 0.5mL C to 2 mL medium. Overproportion of serum/medium quantity to Answer combination (A/B/C) will result in an indistinctive interphase.
4). The utmost beginning quantity is Four ml medium, and it must be from half million cultured cells or much less. If cell quantity or medium quantity exceed this quantity, the pattern must be splits into a number of samples to proceed.


Anti-Bcl-10 Monoclonal Antibody (Carmen-1)

M01616-2 100ug
EUR 397
Description: Rat Monoclonal Bcl-10 Antibody (Carmen-1). Validated in IHC, WB and tested in Human, Mouse.

Bcl-2 Antibody (Clone Bcl-2/100)

EUR 359

BCL-2 Antibody

AF0769 200ul
EUR 304
Description: BCL-2 Antibody detects endogenous levels of BCL-2.

Bcl-2 Antibody

AF4700 200ul
EUR 376
Description: Bcl-2 Antibody detects endogenous levels of Bcl-2.

BCL-2 Antibody

AF6139 200ul
EUR 304
Description: BCL-2 Antibody detects endogenous levels of total BCL-2.

Bcl-2 Antibody

BF9103 200ul
EUR 304
Description: The Bcl-2 mouse monoclonal antibody can detect endogenous Bcl-2 proteins.

BCL- 2 Antibody

ABF6139 100 ug
EUR 438

Bcl- 2 Antibody

ABD6014 100 ug
EUR 438

BCL- 2 Antibody

ABF0769 100 ug
EUR 438

Bcl-2 Antibody

EUR 365

Bcl-2 Antibody

EUR 146

Bcl-2 antibody

70R-13967 100 ug
EUR 322
Description: Affinity purified Mouse polyclonal Bcl-2 antibody

Bcl-2 antibody

10R-1187 100 ul
EUR 316
Description: Mouse monoclonal Bcl-2 antibody

Bcl-2 Antibody

24245-100ul 100ul
EUR 390

Bcl-2 Antibody

24246-100ul 100ul
EUR 390

Bcl-2 Antibody

48496-100ul 100ul
EUR 333

Bcl-2 Antibody

48496-50ul 50ul
EUR 239

Bcl-2 Antibody

48675-100ul 100ul
EUR 333

Bcl-2 Antibody

48675-50ul 50ul
EUR 239

Bcl-2 Antibody

49367-100ul 100ul
EUR 333

Bcl-2 Antibody

49367-50ul 50ul
EUR 239

Monoclonal Bcl-2 Antibody (Clone Bcl-2/100), Clone: Bcl-2/100

APG02224G 0.1mg
EUR 484
Description: A Monoclonal antibody against Human Bcl-2 (Clone Bcl-2/100). The antibodies are raised in Mouse and are from clone Bcl-2/100. This antibody is applicable in WB and IHC, IP

Anti-Bcl-2 Antibody (monoclonal, Bcl-2-100)

MA1004 100ug/vial
EUR 334


PR27054 5 ug
EUR 318


GT15194 100 ug
EUR 539

Anti-Beta Amyloid Antibody

A00081-2 100uL
EUR 443
Description: Rabbit Polyclonal Beta Amyloid Antibody. Validated in ELISA, IF, IHC, WB and tested in Human, Mouse.

Bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody

ES8474-100ul 100ul
EUR 279
Description: A Rabbit Polyclonal antibody against Bcl-2 from Mouse/Rat. This antibody is tested and validated for WB, ELISA, IHC, WB, ELISA

Bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody

ES8474-50ul 50ul
EUR 207
Description: A Rabbit Polyclonal antibody against Bcl-2 from Mouse/Rat. This antibody is tested and validated for WB, ELISA, IHC, WB, ELISA

BCL-2 (pT74) Antibody

abx148560-100ug 100 ug
EUR 439

Bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody

ES1757-100ul 100ul
EUR 279
Description: A Rabbit Polyclonal antibody against Bcl-2 from Human/Monkey. This antibody is tested and validated for WB, ELISA, IHC, WB, ELISA

Bcl-2 Polyclonal Antibody

ES1757-50ul 50ul
EUR 207
Description: A Rabbit Polyclonal antibody against Bcl-2 from Human/Monkey. This antibody is tested and validated for WB, ELISA, IHC, WB, ELISA